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Vegan Pea/Rice Protein Blend


Collections: Vegan Protein

Product type: Supplements

Vendor: Reinvigr8 Supps



Reinvigr8 Supps Vegan protein is 100% animal free nutrition supplement. It contains zero dairies, zero lactose or gluten and therefore zero bloat from your post workout shakes with all the high protein benefits. Combined Pea & Rice Protein provides a naturally smooth taste with a high protein basis to aid your training but also assist in weight management.

With the increase in demand for dairy free and animal free available options, we believe we have created a balanced full amino spectrum lean protein powder that is ideal for vegans, but also people who are simply trying to avoid dairy protein dues to stomach upset that some can provide.

Reinvigr8 Supps combined Pea & Rice Protein provide a naturally smooth taste with a high protein basis. The amino acid profile and lean protein basis will be the ideal alternative for trainers for weight management, lean muscle growth, recovery, and repair.

  • Low-allergenic vegetarian/vegan protein providing a complete amino acid profile.
  • Excellent alternative source of protein for people who are intolerant to dairy and whey – based protein.
  • Protein assist muscle growth and repair, when consumed as part of a healthy diet. Free from GMO ingredients, dairy, gluten, soy eggs, and nuts.
  • Delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavours available.

Our Vegan Protein contains pea protein isolate made from premium quality peas sourced from North America and blended brown rice protein giving it a smooth texture and great taste.